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Sometimes, I write.

(pretty often, actually)

Creative writing has lived in a comfy nook in my soul since I wrote my first short story in sixth grade. I haven't been able to shake the habit since. All for the better, though. It means writing comes naturally to me in other applications: academic, research, and journalism not excepted. Have a library of some; see for yourself. 

These tend to be longer than journalistic copy. If that's what you're looking for, most of it will be in captions underneath my photos wherever they were published. AP Style is my middle name.

an ekphrastic-style analysis of Hale Woodruff's painting, Landscape (Mississippi, Soil Erosion)


a summation of research surrounding  African migration in the contemporary age


a wide-reaching analysis of the media ecosystem in Africa as nation-states democratized


a paper centered on my geographic research about minority print media in NC as it relates to diversity


more to come...


Ancient Harborage

I'm building a fantasy world set in the decayed futurist husk of an ancient spacefaring civilization, heavily inspired by Southeast Asian culture and mythology. Join me for the adventure at my Substack:

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