Visual Communications



University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Media & Journalism Class of '22



Newsroom Intern (Summer 2020)

Raleigh News & Observer

Freelance Journalist

Based out of Chapel Hill and Charlotte, N.C.

Assistant Photo Editor (formerly)

The Daily Tar Heel

Editor-in-Chief (formerly)

Ingress Magazine

Born in Charlotte, N.C., to a family of Cambodian refugees, I was always drawn to self-expression but it wasn't until I attended the Washington Journalism and Media Conference in high school that I discovered that I wanted to devote my life to journalism.


There, Brian Lamb, founder of C-SPAN and one of several speakers over the course of the week taught me something valuable: that every person has a story; it's just a matter of sitting down, asking them and listening. 

Sometime after experimenting with

various mediums and means of sharing stories, I picked up a camera and fell in love. Upon enrolling at UNC-Chapel Hill, I continued to pursue a career in and foster a passion for photojournalism.


My work has been featured in The Daily Tar Heel and The Associated Press as well as used by private organizations and I continue to tell the stories of extraordinary and impactful lives of the ordinary people behind the headlines.


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Dustin Duong, Freelance Photojournalist

available in North Carolina

For work inquiries, please contact me:

e: dustind.ingress@gmail.com

p: (704) 488 - 0095

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